Wednesday, 18 September 2013

One Song/ I Have But One Song/ And It's Stuck in My Head...

I love drawing this character. I've tried to capture her general look in so many different drawings, but these are all studies of different artists, probably the best ones because they've really brought something to the character. These are all my drawings and studies in an attempt to "get" the character, to understand her anatomy, facially and figuratively.
Marc Davis was always the best at drawing human females, and the first two are taken from a model sheet of her different expressions. Most of them have her with her eyes closed, but I guess that's what they were going for; what with her being off in her own little dream world, and I can totally identify with that.
Fernando Guell is a cartoonist, so he's able to get some really clear poses into even the most realistic of characters, her included. Now, he never worked on the film, but did a storybook for Little Golden Books. There's something very visually pleasing about the art. I guess it's the colours, plus the wonderful poses on the characters. Some of his drawings look a little off, though.
The one after that one is a Hamilton Luske, and it was featured in The Illusion of Life by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. I love the colours on that drawing; they just feel so warm. Though she wears primary colours, there's a tinge of purple in the sleeves as well. Whoever painted this cel, I can't quite capture it, at least not with pencils and pen ink.
The last one I drew from is almost definitely Grim Natwick. He has such a unique style that separates it from others; I guess it's because she looks more like Betty Boop than usual here.
I based one of my own characters partially on her, but only in terms of the wide brown eyes and the petite figure, and that's why I've been doing several studies.
The last one here is another Luske. In fact, it was reportedly his idea that the character should be an innocent young girl in appearance. In any case, the colours are fantastic. There's a surprising amount of secondary colours; the brown of her dress has a hint of pink when in the shadows, and her sleeves appear purple rather than just baby blue.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

A dream I had one night.

I had this dream one night that I was watching a black and white film; these men were carrying a young man in each arm; a pudgy, filthy, unkempt young man with large eyes and a full mouth, in clothes much too large for him. The man fell inert, and they placed him in this glass... casket and they filled it with water. All at once, the man had changed. He was a little older, thinner, but his face was fuller than it was in real life. Not bloated or preserved, just... fuller. His cheekbones were less defined. He reminded me of a stone that had been smoothed out by the sea over millions of years. And he was dirty no longer. He was clean and pristine. His dark hair swayed about in the casket, and it was curly, like Joel's in 'The Maltese Falcon'. Then the water was emptied; the man came to, he looked around... and there the dream ended. The man in the film I assumed was being played by Peter Lorre, but he looked more beautiful than he ever did in life.